The Thirsty Lawyer, Malta’s first concept eatery, is located in Valletta’s iconic Strait Street. Playfully themed around the prohibition era, the establishment is evocative of the street’s heyday and colorful past.

With lavish furnishings and breathtaking decor, The Thirsty Lawyer offers a medley of spaces where patrons can enjoy fine food and master mixology, together with live music and entertainment.

Weekends take on a different vibe. The general mood on Fridays and Saturdays is turned up a notch higher in the liveliness scale with live music entertainment taking place during late evenings.

Open seven days a week from noon until late, The Thirsty Lawyer offers a dining experience like no other. To reserve your experience, click here now.

The Food & Drinks

The promise of quality and uniqueness runs also into our menu. Our top-rated chefs have created an array of inspired gourmet dishes that are sure to delight your taste buds and please the eye with artful presentations.

To complement a sumptuous gastronomic experience, our expert mixologists and baristas are there to serve you with perfectly-crafted cocktails, fine wines, rare whiskeys, and premium gins.

The Venue

Situated directly on the site of the legendary Silver Horse - a popular haunt with servicemen during the early-mid 1900s, the venue is proud to be reborn as The Thirsty Lawyer.

With eight distinct areas under one roof, the establishment boasts two elegant dining rooms, two opulent lounges, a designated VIP room, two stylish bars, and for those who prefer to dine or drink al fresco - an outdoor seating area in the midst of ‘The Gut’.

Luxuriously furnished in their own unique style, each area comes equipped with exclusive acoustics and adjustable mood lighting to suit any occasion. To learn more about the individual areas, please click on the links below:

The Muse

The inspiration for The Thirsty Lawyer concept started, first and foremost, from the location itself. Strait Street is drenched with a chequered history of bars and exuberant nightlife entertainment, particularly popular with British servicemen during the war times, until it eventually started losing its shine a decade or two later.

The historical aura of the place, took us on an imaginative journey further back in time to the days of the prohibition era and speakeasies running bootlegging businesses in 1920s America. The era is also reminiscent and iconic for the short-lived art movement known as Art Deco. All these elements came gracefully woven together to inspire the design themes, interior spaces and general mood setting of The Thirsty Lawyer itself.


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